pit pocket module

Easy switch between the different tracks in a multi-track environment

SportMagix can print a barcode on the driver tickets.
When using the ‘event’ module every person will get a batch with a barcode on it .
Every kart has a barcode on the back of the seat.

Linking karts to drivers is now done with the handheld by scanning the driver and the kart. No more mistakes possible and quick!

Actions like starting heat, stopping, adding time, control of the lights is done directly on the pocket. No more running to the Pit-PC!  

All data between the pocket and the SportMagix-network is live and synchronized in real-time.

• Watch the laptimes ‘live’ on the pocket  
• The PPT8800 is rugged.
• The ultimate solution when running events!
• Run your track with less staff..
• Extensive PIT program to control the pit in the palm of your hand!

Bar codeBarcode enabled

Preferred hardware
Symbol PPT 8800 Wireless Barcode Scanner