The Track Build Process

Safety is paramount during the TBP (Track Building Process).

Once PGK prepares the site and containers arrive, PGK will send in our seasoned partners, all expert professionals, to complete the entire build and manages the soft opening; On or around the track, PGK has it covered.

Step by step time lapsvideo of the TBP.

Our TBP applied to an existing track renovation.

Renovation Upgrade
Whether you have just purchased a used kart track or looking to renovate your current indoor kart track because it has a few years on it and would like to update it we can help provide the face-lift you are looking for.

PGK Barriers

Safety in our tracks is maximized through innovative protective PGK barriers. The patented system is composed by hinges, made with a very strong plastic material and supported with proprietary steel springs, Hexpads that dampen the kart’s crash, effectively absorbing and dispersing the impact.

The saving of space joined with aesthetic innovation create a unique solution in the kart’s market. Being modular, they are easily adaptable on every modification of the track and also they offer the possibility to host banners for the sponsors.


PGK Track Coating
PGK’s special track coating a paving resin system that offers many grip levels to cater to your use and market.

This durable grip system offers the possibility to create different colors for the customization of the elements of the circuit like curbs, run off area’s, pit entrance and exit markings and even logos on the track.


PGK Multi-Level Tracks
Worldwide, PGK tracks are unique in the implementation of structural engineering and construction, based on a new concept.

Carefully evaluating the dimensions of your facility, we exploit all its dimensional potential to increase maximum capacity and profit developing the track on more levels, using parabolic curves, rises and descents, tunnels and bridges.

The result is an incredible long, wide, flowing and spectacular track, both for the racers and for spectators.

Every component is made with the safety of your customer and staff in mind.


PGK tracks