About FKP

The name that built indoor karting

It is almost impossible to trace the rise of indoor karting without simultaneously documenting the rise of FKP. From the very beginning in 1994, indoor karting and FKP have shared the same path. FKP played an integral part in the birth of Indoor Karting by building a company dedicated to taking indoor karting to the next level.

For 25 years FKP has earned a reputation for being passionate about its goods and services, being competitive, and leading the way.
FKP has been recognized for doing things right – distributing the best products and brands in the industry, looking for new opportunities and blending craftsmanship and innovation into a wide range of products and brands. We continue to examine all opportunities available and make the commitment to serve our customers with only the best available.

FKP – The obvious choice

-Unmatched Know how, implementation and follow up.

-Proven since 1994.

-Continued operational expertise and quality control.

-Fully designed and built turn key packages form start to finish

-Increased safety and revenue

-unparalleled roll out speed & uniformity

-Unequaled, professional, high quality look, fit & finish and reduced maintenance needs.

-Creating and experience that drivers will want to return to, time and time again.