FKP Advantage

Greater Opportunity for Success

FKP offers today’s new center investors a dynamic range of opportunities to achieve their goals. No other single-source provider comes close to FKP’s record for supporting successful new center development projects. That’s why today over two thirds of all new indoor karting centers around the nation are supported by FKP’s full-line of comprehensive manufacturers, distribution channels, services, technology, and expertise.

FKP is known for the quality and reputation of its services provided. FKP is the only full-line resource that offers a complete and comprehensive package of products and services to support your new business development project from day one, and continuing through day-to-day operations. With FKP, you’ll have access to everything you need to make your new center competitive, successful, and innovative.

The quality and dependability of FKP’s service is a direct correlation of our professional relationships that will provide you with consulting, sales, installation and support.

FKP maintains relationships with industry consultants, manufacturers, and specialists. From indoor karting equipment, to center marketing, to architecture, engineering and construction, FKP has everything you need to complete the picture of success for your new center development.

The FKP advantage, inherent in our comprehensive offering of products and services, FKP built on a commitment and belief that differentiates us from the competition.

Never-Ending Passion for Indoor Karting

During the past decade FKP’s passion for Indoor Karting has never wavered. 

For 25 years, FKP has known that the future of Indoor Karting, and the Indoor Karting experience, depends on the success of its partnership with center investors and owners like you. That’s why FKP is the nation’s leader in building new centers and reselling to existing centers.

Today FKP is the Indoor Karting industry’s premier full-line, full-service provider. And only FKP offers a complete and comprehensive network of products and services designed to assure your new center’s complete success and continued profitability.

The quality and dependability of FKP’s service is a direct correlation of the brands and products we offer, providing you with ongoing consulting, sales and support. FKP ensures expertise and thorough management training from concept to execution, including the soft opening. FKP has witnessed the industry’s shortcoming and is dedicated to a seamless turn-key solution ensuring customer satisfaction through ongoing quality control. 

FKP has always been dedicated to improving the race and the experience around it. FKP has continually worked to grow indoor karting on a national scale and has helped to create the industry that it is today.

FKP invites you to join this vibrant and expanding industry as it enters a new era in sport, leisure, and entertainment.