Facility Automation

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FKP offers a complete reservation / management system for scheduling and managing sport activities.

The Apex Timing company was created in 2011, was born from a strong experience in timing and karting. We have several activities such as software development, web development, computer / timing hardware, installation / training and consulting in 3 areas:

1 / Leisure Centers, GoKarts all-in-one software solution, we currently equip around 300 centers around the world, most of them with leisure karting.

2 / Management / Timing karting competition, GoRacing software solution. This software solution is used for CIK-FIA European and World Championship races, and many national championships.

3 / Administrative management and control of equipment in Motor Sports, GoControl software solution and GoRegistration. This solution is used in several FIA championships such as the WRC WRX, Formula E, WTCR…


The GoKarts solution is an all-in-one software to manage all activities, point of sales, marketing, commercial management, booking, timekeeping, display, kart maintenance, vouchers, web tools … It was developed based on requests and continues to evolve following the requirements in order to offer more and more features.