Xtra. Mini Remote Control

Our smart Xtra.Mini Remote Control offers the ultimate in Kart & Track Control. It is specially designed for easy operation and low cost Kart and Track Control.

• Three fully programmable buttons mean simple operation
• Controls your karts
• Controls your race lights
• Control of race timing software, by quick key technology
• Lightweight and easy to carry around the track
• Can be used for fuel and electric karts

This “car opener” size Remote Control has 3 buttons. By pressing a button, the karts, lights, track sectors and much more can be controlled.

Each button on the Xtra.Mini Remote Control can be programmed by the user with up to 4 functions. This makes it possible for example to Slow Down the speed of all karts and even operate the track lights by pressing only 1 button.

The Xtra.Mini Remote is supplied with a pull-reel and carabiner, making it very easy to carry around the track. By providing each track marchall with his personal Xtra.Mini Remote Control, safety on the karting track is extended to a maximum and at the same time each track marchall can program the unit with his prefered functions.

In case supported by your race timing software, 3 different trigger commands are available. These can for example be used as quick keys to start manually a timing session by pressing a button on the Xtra.Mini Remote Control.


Number of command functions per button
Max 4
Selectable Tracks
Yes, Track A, B, C and D
User configurable functions per button
CR2430 coin cell
Operating temperature
0 … +55 degrees Celsius
Operating humidity
Max 85% relative
Additional commands
on request
Approx. 40 grams


* Only when supported by the race timing software application.