Xtra. Shutdown Transponder

Every kart to be controlled remotely must be equipped with an Xtra.Shutdown Transponder. Mounting is simple thanks to the V-shaped bottom which fits perfectly on both round and square frame tubes. Controlling may be done through individual kart, group of karts or all karts together.
These numbers can be assigned by track operators using the Xtra.Remote Control. Multiple tracks can be controlled fully independently. Split tracks may be (re)combined to one single track with a few clicks on the Xtra.
Remote Control. Because the Xtra.Shutdown Transponder operates without batteries, no charging is required prior to use.


• 2-way radio communication system
• The built in antenna gives ruggedness and prevents antenna damage easily caused by heavy vibrations or clumsy drivers.
• The Xtra.Shutdown Transponder is controllable for an individual kart, a group of karts or all karts at the same time.
• Multiple tracks nearby can be controlled fully independently even when duplicate kart numbers are in use.
• Robust housing protects the inside electronics against heavy vibrations and other harsh conditions
• The Xtra.Shutdown Transponder does not contain nor require batteries.
• If activated the Xtra.Shutdown transponder reduces the speed to idle.
• The enclosure specially designed V-shape ensures stable fixation on both round and square frame tubes
• Kart network port. For connecting (future) kart electronics to the Xtra.Shutdown Transponder easily with a single cable
• The enclosure sides have tie-wrap feeds for better fixation and to prevent the unit from slipping off by vibrations


LxWxT = 76x67x39.5 mm
Maximum numbers of karts
Approx. 1.000.000 245 custom assignable (short) kart numbers
Maximum numbers of tracks
4 custom selectable
Maximum numbers of groups
5 custom assignable group numbers
Engine Shutdown
Operating principle
Spark cancellation
Speed operating range
1600 – 6500 RPM
Radio technology
2 way communication
Brake switch
Limits the speed to custom preset value when the brake switch is activated
By means of the network connection, (future) units on karts can mutually communicate
Real time readable with the Xtra.Remote Control
Engine running timer
Real time readable with the Xtra.Remote Control
Motor type
Honda GX160/GX200 and compatible
Kart type
Single engine
Mountable on round and square tubes, supported with tie-wrap feeds.
Approx. 200 grams
Temperature range
-10 … +55 Degrees Celsius

Steering wheel

Mounted Lap timer
• The Lap timer enables drivers to accurately determine his/her lap time up to 1/100 of a second.
• Result: The driver constantly aims to improve his/her lap-time – hence intensifying the racing feeling.
• As soon as the new lap-time is displayed, a display-light comes on, hence making the reading of lap-times possible even when surrounding light is low.
• Lap-times are displayed in large, visible numbers, ensuring that the driver is distracted as little as possible.
• No other unnecessary information displayed.
• No batteries required.

Lap-times are displayed in very clear, large (13mm) numbers, therefore even the less experienced driver will be distracted minimally. A display-light comes on automatically as soon as a new lap-time is registered, making it easy to read at night or in dark indoor-karting halls.
The lap timer is designed without any buttons or switches, minimizing the time spent in pit-lanes.
Lap-times are determined via a ‘loop’ in the racetrack surface. This loop is nothing else but an electric wire, which is connected to a unit (the loop-unit).